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Announcing our new Executive Director!

Hi Friends of CASA!

We are thrilled to announce that our new Executive Director is none other than the wonderful Bekah Bowman! Bekah has an unparalleled passion for life, family, and volunteering. Many know her as our Volunteer Manager, and even more know her as the author of "Can't Steal My Joy." We are excited to see her go-getter attitude and history in project management take our program to the next level for the sake of our local foster children.

And now, a few words from Bekah:

It is with a whole lot of humility and excitement I jump in to lead this program, knowing I get to do so alongside a phenomenal staff and team of volunteers. This program has grown and become something so beautiful as we advocate for children who need us to be in their corner. What an honor to be part of the next adventure of where our program will go. I look to our future with a whole lot of hope, knowing we have what it takes to one day see every child in foster care in our district have a CASA Volunteer on his or her case. 

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