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CASA and Living In The News

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Community Outreach Manager Mackenzie Bannister, and Foster Care Advocate Cassidy Littleton, had the privilege of engaging in an enriching discussion with Diana Thomas, Former Mayor of Weiser. This 27-minute conversation, facilitated by Living In The News, was a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

You can learn more about CASA of Southwest Idaho at, and our mailing address is PO Box 789 Caldwell ID 83606 if you prefer communicating or donating via snail mail.

As for the VOCA Fix bill briefly mentioned in the video, CASA of Southwest Idaho and vulnerable children everywhere would be very grateful if our viewers would email Senator Mike Crapo to support the VOCA Fix Bill that was passed in the House in March. Senator Jim Risch is already a champion of this bill, and if you want to email him to express your gratitude, we would appreciate that as well.

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